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Is there a good C# library for drawing/visualizing graphs? I'm talking about node-path visualization instead of line graphs or the like. (preferably native, not wrappers for pstricks or anything like that) Thank you

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Some pointers:

  • QuickGraph is an open-source general graphing library, it supports MSAGL and graphviz
  • MSAGL is Microsoft's graph layout engine
  • Netron Reloaded is a .NET graphing library (but it looks like there was no new development on the project in the last 3 years)
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  • Graph# (open source) (also based on QuickGraph)
  • Netron (abandonware); G2

There are plenty of diagram editing packages but I don't know how good they are at layout.

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I'm not aware of a native one, but I was involved in developing a product where someone built a wrapper around graphviz without much trouble. This worked by using the API to render out to a file and then displaying the file using the image viewer control.

If you can't find what you want in a native .Net library I have definitely seen people get good results by wrapping graphviz in this manner.

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Try aiSee or have a look at this list.

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