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I had a weird issue where an entire directory in my live CRM project was corrupted after resolving some conflicts from a merge (pull) and some reverts in this live working tree clone.

Config Overview:

Bare repo on testing server at /git/project.git this is origin master

Publicly accessible testing branch at /var/www/html/project/httpdocs which is automatically updated when you push origin from local using /git/project.git/hooks shell scripts.

Publicly accessible live version at /var/www/html/project/httpdocs on another server which I pull manually to; I never push anything from here.


I had to manually copy over a local copy of the directory to get the live application working again. I ended up doing a git reset --hard <sha1> on the testing working tree back to the commit I wanted to be at (because the several commits after that were just totally janked), and a git update-ref refs/heads/master <sha1> to revert my origin, a bare public repository, back to the same commit.

I'm just going to delete and re-clone the live branch because I don't care about commit history there and it seems to be a bit jacked up.

Even though I have reset both the bare repo origin master AND the testing working tree back to the same commit -- when I run git status on the testing working tree it says my branch is behind origin/master by 4 commits.

If I try to pull origin master or push origin master it says everything is up to date.

What the deal?

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Use git log master..origin/master or gitk master origin/master to see the commits that it thinks you're behind by. –  Jefromi Jan 5 '12 at 18:01
Look inside .git/refs/remotes. I think your repository have broken 'remotes' branches. –  Alexandr Priymak Jan 10 '12 at 13:57

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