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I am writing client-side components in a provided framework, and need to be able to unit test my components. The components are written using MVP (Model-View-Presenter) pattern, I want to use PEX to automatically generate unit tests for my presenters.

The following is the code of a presenter.

public partial class CompetitorPresenter : PresenterBase

    private readonly ICompetitorView _view; 

    public IGlobalDataAccess GlobalDataAccess;

    public IGlobalUI Globals;

    public SystemClient Client;

    public bool DeleteRecord()
           if (_view.CompetitorName != "Daniel")
                return false;
           if (Client.SystemName != "Ruby")
                return false;
           return true;

The problem I am having is that the object SystemClient is provided by the framework, and I cannot use a factory class to create an instance of SystemClient. Therefore when I run PEX to automatically generate unit tests, I have to tell PEX to ignore SystemClient, the result of this is that the method DeleteRecord is not fully covered as the line Client.SystemName != "Ruby" is not tested.

Since I have the mock object MSystemClient (created using moles), I am wondering if somewhere in the configuration I could tell PEX to use MSystemClient, and let PEX to automatically generate test cases to fully cover this method.

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You are on the right track. If you cannot control where the instance of CompetitorPresenter.Client is created, you can define a mole for all instances:

MSystemClient.AllInstances.SystemNameGet = () => "SomeName";

Your unit test has to be run in a "hosted environment":

public void TestMethod()
  MSystemClient.AllInstances.SystemNameGet = () => "SomeName";

  // Test code...
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Thanks Stefan. The solution I am after is to let PEX automatically generate test cases without manually writing the moles code. I was hoping for a PEX configuration option. –  Daniel Zeng Jan 6 '12 at 10:01

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