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I was wondering how to count a list of <li> with a style val = 0 ?

i.e. something like

jQuery('ol.myClass li').each(function () {
    if (jQuery(this).css('top') == '0px') {
        count = + 1;

How would I do this so it finds all elements and gives me a figure for all those that have the val = 0 for css('top') ?

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It looks good.

But your count should be:

$count += 1;


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why not just count++ – Burntime Jan 5 '12 at 18:07

Try something like:

var foo = $('ol.myClass li').filter(function() {
    return $(this).css('top') == '0px';
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Doh! You were faster. – Burntime Jan 5 '12 at 18:14

I would say try this way.

var list = $("ol.myClass li").filter(function() { 
  return $(this).css("top") === "0px";

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