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In the core types bundle you got a whole bunch of nice icons for all the Macs and iPods etc. that are out there.

The finder can show them in the sidebar when you click on a shared device, like my mac mini server.

I was wondering whether there was an Mac App Store allowed way of accessing these icons, as they are apple copyrighted and I do not know whether I can access them simply through NSImage +imageNamed:.

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Try NSWorkspace’s -iconForFileType:; e.g.:

[NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace iconForFileType:@"com.apple.ipad-2-white"];

I’m not sure how compatible with the Mac App Store guidelines that is, though.

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It's a public API that doesn't really do anything interesting. Should be fine barring any weird oversensitive sandbox bugs (which, granted, do happen). –  Chuck Jan 21 '12 at 7:23

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