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Suppose I have a Runnable that does a simple file writing operation, and this Runnable is called with an executor.

With executor being a single thread Executor class..

public void doThis() {
    executor.execute(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {

does the immediate contents of _data get saved the moment execute() is called? Which means that once the runnable has been submitted to the queue, I can go ahead and make changes to _data, and the changes will not be written to the file?

_data = something
_data = something else

is there a chance that I will end up doing file.write(something else)?

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no to your first and second questions, and yes to your third question ... if the single thread that the executor is running on is a separate thread from the calling thread, then this is not a thread-safe operation. unless .execute() executes on the same exact thread as the caller, you need to avoid making changes to _data until .write is done.

A common way of working around this is to simply make a copy of _data before passing it off to the executor.

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the problem with this is that I will have many changes to _data and want to call execute() immediately on the new _data. In this case I guess the only choice I have is to implement some sort of data structure _data, so that execute() will always work with _data[].oldest? –  Ian Low Jan 6 '12 at 4:52
there is a similar question posted (stackoverflow.com/questions/8147015/…), in which they talked about memory consistency and how an "Memory consistency effects: Actions in a thread prior to submitting a Runnable object to an Executor happen-before its execution begins, perhaps in another thread." I was hoping that by the same logic, the _data = something does NOT happen before doThis(). However I am not very sure about what "actions in a Thread happening before" mean. Could it still be possible? –  Ian Low Jan 6 '12 at 4:59

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