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I'm trying to create a plugin in wordpress that allows you to age restrict certain posts and pages but not others. I looked for a plugin that does this and couldn't find one. I've got all the coding covered except I can't figure out how to instruct wordpress to save the state of the checkbox as data associated with that post or page. I dissected a couple of plugins that have similar functionality but am mystified by how their code works and it breaks when I try to modify it for my use.

Can someone point me to a tutorial that explains how data gets saved from the post edit page and how to access that data later?

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It's best to post what you have tried. Welcome to SO. –  Jason McCreary Jan 5 '12 at 20:24

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check out post meta-data :


The basic idea is WP allows you to add additional fields to a post, and then retrieve it during the loop. Just use this field to test against at render-time and display alternate content, should (in this case) your post be restricted.

The codex is pretty thorough on the subject, and I'm sure google can fill in the gaps -

Hope that helps

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