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I'm not (at all) familiar with JQuery and only dip my toe once in a blue moon. However, I have a need that I simply cannot find a quick solution for - despite my conviction that such a quick solution must be available :)

I have a div in which images may be floated amongst the text. I want to scan that div, select all the images therein(if any), give them a class, append a <p></p> to them, and enclose both <img> and matching <p> in their own wrapping div. Into that created paragraph block I then want to place the title attribute of said image.

I've tried Google and here, but both are coated with snippets dealing with plugins, whereas I just want a plug-and-play snippet I can place in my included js file. I have tried piecing together something myself from whats on the JQuery site, but it's a mess.

Any help at all greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Using the answer provided by @Xeon06 below, my completed working solution was as follows:

$(".lorem img").each(function() { 
    if ($(this).prop("title")!='') {

$(".lorem div").each(function() { 

$(".inline-img").each(function() { 
    var mTop = $(this).css('marginTop');
    var mBottom = $(this).css('marginBottom');
    var mLeft = $(this).css('marginLeft');
    var mRight = $(this).css('marginRight');
    var thisfloat = $(this).css('float');
    $(this).parent().css('marginTop', mTop);
    $(this).css('marginTop', '');
    $(this).parent().css('marginBottom', mBottom);
    $(this).css('marginBottom', '');
    $(this).parent().css('marginLeft', mLeft);
    $(this).css('marginLeft', '');
    $(this).parent().css('marginRight', mRight);
    $(this).css('marginRight', '');
    $(this).parent().css('float', thisfloat );
    $(this).css('float', '');

The last portion of code was to take the primary positioning attributes of the image (margin and float) and apply them instead to the wrapping div created earlier. I then wiped these values from the images themselves to avoid doubling-up. Excuse the noobish coding!

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You can't actually append anything to an <img> tag, but you can append it after the <img>. –  Blazemonger Jan 5 '12 at 20:25
If you mean that it would appear immedaitely after the image tag, then that would be fine. Assuming both would be wrapped in a div of their own also. –  Eamonn Jan 5 '12 at 20:28

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$("#yourdiv img").each(function() { //Loops through the images in a specific div. $(this) represents the current image in the loop
    $(this).addClass("yourclass"); //Add a class
    $(this).wrap("<div>"); //Add a wrapping div
    $("<p>").text($(this).prop("title")).insertAfter($(this)); //Create a new paragraph with the title property of the image as text and put it after the image (inside our newly created div)

Tried to explain as best as I could in the comments. Here is a live example.

If there are any questions or you want any clarifications don't hesitate to ask.

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I would only change one thing. well, four actually. I would add a var me = $(this) in the beginning and change all the $(this) to "me". –  Mario Cesar Jan 5 '12 at 20:29
Works! Thank you kind sir :) @ Mario, does this substitution improve the speed of such a query? –  Eamonn Jan 5 '12 at 20:42
@Eamonn That's micro-optimization I wouldn't worry about. A lot of people use $(this) throughout functions without any problems. –  Alex Turpin Jan 5 '12 at 20:44
Righto! Thanks again. –  Eamonn Jan 5 '12 at 20:45

Hard to give you helper code without seeing the page itself but perhaps you can start by Googling around some of the jQuery methods found in the snippit below.

var images = jQuery( '#div_id' ).find( 'img' );
var x = 0, imglen = images.length, pic;
foreach( x = 0; x < imglen; x += 1 ) {
   pic = images[ x ];
   jQuery( pic ).replaceWith( jQuery( "<p>" + pic.attr( 'title' ) + "</p>" ).addClass( 'className' ).append( pic ) );
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Be careful with .attr. –  Alex Turpin Jan 5 '12 at 20:31

In order to act on each image in the div (let's assume its id is "myDiv"), you would use the following function:

$('#myDiv img').each(function(i) {
    //Do stuff to the image, which can be referred to as $(this)

Then for each image, do you operation.

I suggest changing the order you describe it, though. The functions you will want to use are wrap(doc), append(doc), and addClass(doc). Wrap the image in the new div, append the <p></p> to the new div, and append the text to the paragraph.

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Shortest way I can think of is this:

$('#div_id').find('img').wrap('<div>').after(function() {
    return $('<p>').text($(this).attr('title'));


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Pasted this precisely (changed #div_id to appropriate class name, but no joy. It is within an overall document.ready function. –  Eamonn Jan 5 '12 at 20:36
It works in the jsFiddle. Perhaps if you added your original HTML structure to your original question? –  Blazemonger Jan 5 '12 at 20:39

I found these codes help full to me and did this in easy way with out plugin,

$('#portfolio li img').each(function() {
        $("<h4>").text($(this).attr("title")).insertAfter($(this)); }); 
    $('#portfolio li').hover(function(){

hope this helps some one who are looking for simple code for beginners like me

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