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I have a task where I need to autologin and scrape a particualr website.

I have seen people suggesting htmlUnit and HttpClient mostly with Java. htmlUnit looks like a testing tool. I am not sure what to do with that. Is there an example that explains auto login and web scraping with htmlUnit or httpClient?

Im a Java developer. Can anyone who closely works with it please share any ideas?

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Your problem can be broken down to

  • login into the website
  • Scrape the data from website.

So, for the first part-:

  1. Install livehttp header firefox addon and than read all the http headers that were sent and received by your browser while trying to login.

  2. Try to send these headers using your java code, basically you have to emulate a HTTP POST request using your java code. For that google->make post request from java

After you have login into the website, than scrap the data using the API of your choice. I personally use htmlcleaner HtmlCleaner.

To scrape data you can use XPath expressions with htmlcleaner.

Take a look at Xpath+htmlcleaner and here also

You can also use JSoup instead of htmlcleaner. Advantage of using JSoup is it can handle both login[POST Request] and Data scraping. Take a look here http://pastebin.com/E0WzpuhF

I know it seems a lot of work, i have provided you with two alternative solution for your problem but divide your problem into smaller chunks and than try to solve it.

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