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My team is working on web application with rich HTML5 client and RESTfull server. Although our server-side code is a typical Java stack we use Node JS in our build process. Notably for CoffeeScript compilation, jsHint, and script minification.

I'd like to introduce automated testing for the client-side code and i need to pick a BDD framework. One note is that our application is deployed on Windows and we use it for development as well. So I'm worried whether a particular BDD framework would play along nicely with Windows version of Node JS.

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Can't say something about its window compatibility, but there are two BDD frameworks that you can use with automatic testing in jenkins: Jasmine trough the Jasmine maven plugin and BusterJs

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If you are interested in testing client side code, as it is in the browser, take a look at ZombieJS. Also Mocha is a good testing framework, so you may want to mix the two of them together.

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Yadda is also worth checking out. It lets you write true BDD tests as follows

Scenario: A bottle falls from the wall

Given 100 green bottles are standing on the wall
when 1 green bottle accidentally falls
then there are 99 green bottles standing on the wall

It plugs into other frameworks like Mocha, CasperJS and Zombie.

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