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I have a pre-existing database, and this code:

class User private() extends MongoRecord[User] with StringPk[User] {
  def meta = User

  object createdAt extends DateTimeField(this)
  object lastLogin extends DateTimeField(this)

  object password extends StringField(this, 128)
      object salt extends StringField(this, 128)

object User extends User with MongoMetaRecord[User]

The problem is, in my database, the field createdAt is called created-at, and similar with lastLogin. Looking into the docs, there are several object fields that could be doing the job (label, name, title, uniqueFieldId), so which one would it be?

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The member name seems to be the one looking for. As in

object createdAt extends DateTimeField(this) {
  def name = "created-at"
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