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How does EL search for an attribute in JSP? and how to disable it?

does any one know the performance of EL?

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In EL, if an object is not an implicit object it searches through the various scopes for an object of the given name. The order in which the search takes place is below:

  1. Page scope
  2. Request scope
  3. Session scope
  4. Application scope

To disable EL: <%@ page isELIgnored ="true" %>

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This article explains everything that you are asking.

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An EL is resolved using an ELResolver chain. The order of the EL resolvers is as following:

  • ImplicitObjectELResolver
  • ELResolvers registered via this method, in the order in which they are registered.
  • MapELResolver
  • ListELResolver
  • ArrayELResolver
  • BeanELResolver
  • ScopedAttributeELResolver

Each token of EL is given this resolver chain to resolve.

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