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I'm reading 16 bit integers from a piece of hardware over the serial port.

Using python, how can I get the LSB and MSB right, and make python understand that it is a 16 bit signed integer I'm fiddling with, and not just two bytes of data?

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Try using the struct module:

import struct
# read 2 bytes from hardware as a string
s = hardware.readbytes(2)
# h means signed short
# < means "little-endian, standard size (16 bit)"
# > means "big-endian, standard size (16 bit)"
value = struct.unpack("<h", s) # hardware returns little-endian
value = struct.unpack(">h", s) # hardware returns big-endian
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Or "!h" means "network endianness" in case you don't want to remember it's big endian. –  Colin Burnett May 17 '09 at 17:51

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