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Hello fellow GD Star Rating users,

I'm having a little problem with GD Star Rating. I'm using the plugin on a non- profit website to offer up a simple thumb up / thumb down rating system. I want everyone to be able to rate the items that are in a certain category. I've checked and re-checked the permissions and everything is set to Everyone can vote.

I've reviewed all of the settings on my DEV site and all of my settings on the LIVE site and they match to the T.

So the problem is that only users that are registered and logged in may vote eventhough in the settings of GD Star Rating, I have it set so everyone can vote.

The only difference I can see between the live site and the dev site is that the live site has google analytics in the header of the page. I tried moving GA to before and after the GD Star Rating calls, but that did not change anything. We also use typekit, jquery, bxslider, and a some other javascript libs and scripts we wrote ourselves.

Has anyone seen issues like this before with GD Star Rating? I'm not sure why it works perfect on my dev site and then it doesn't work on the live site.

got any suggestions what I might look for in my template or in the settings to get this baby working?

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Aside from all of the issues I listed above i also noticed that when i log into my wordpress admin the BUILDER page doesnt work. I saw on another install when i click "rebuild" its supposed to generate a shortcode and function. When i click rebuild, nothing happens. –  Robbiegod Jan 6 '12 at 16:04
Interesting. Looking at my GD Star Rating log file, it shows all votes coming from the same ip address eventhough my friends and i are in 2 different locations. Upon further inspection, we discovered this ip address is actually the IP address of our web server, not our personal ip addresses. How is that helpful? –  Robbiegod Jan 6 '12 at 18:08

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