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I have tabletools up and running with datatables and it works great. The only problem I am having is icons for the tabletools buttons. When they are outside the header div using "sDom": 'T<"clear"><"H"lf>rt<"F"ip>' the icons show up just fine, when I put the tabletools inside the header, the icons dont show up "sDom": '<"H"lTf>rt<"F"ip>'

The image illustrates both combined "sDom": 'T<"clear"><"H"lTf>rt<"F"ip>'

enter image description here

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I have the same problem when i use "bJQueryUI": true, i may think there is a problem with the jqueryUI if there is not a problem you can use collection instead for example:

"oTableTools": { "aButtons": [{"sExtends":    "collection","sButtonText": "Save", "aButtons":    [ "csv", "xls", "pdf" ]},]

It will show the icons in a list

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