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I want to use a javascript uploader in my C# project. The javascript gets loaded in the master page, and in the partial view where I want the uploader to be I have the following code:

   <a class="upload" href="/Administration/blue/en-gb/Entity/StoreFile/97?Entity=Note&amp;Field=File">uploadfile</a>

However, when I click the button I get an '"This request has been blocked because sensitive information could be disclosed to third party web sites when this is used in a GET request. To allow GET requests, set JsonRequestBehavior to AllowGet." error. The same kind of question can be found here. However, as a solution something like the following is given:

 return Json(new { mymsg = "my msg" }, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Where adding JsonRequerstBehavior.AllowGet solves the problem.

In my C# ActionResult that calls the PartialView in which I Want to add this I have this as a return:

return PartialView("CreateNotePartial", Model);

I also tried:

<%$.post('/blag/JSON', function (data) {%>
    <a class="upload" href="/Administration/blue/en-gb/Entity/StoreFile/97?Entity=Note&amp;Field=File">uploadfile

but that did not work.

I can not add the JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet. How can this be made to work without this .AllowGet?

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Do you have to return a partial view, or json? –  Edgar Villegas Alvarado Feb 13 '12 at 18:11

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