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I need to convert an xts matrix to a numeric matrix or a data.frame with numeric columns, whatever works. I've tried using data.matrix() but the results are still in character format:

[1] "xts" "zoo"
class(myxts[, "MyNumericColumn"]
[1] "xts" "zoo"

myxts.num = data.matrix(myxts)
class(myxts.num[, "MyNumericColumn"]
[1] "character"
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This does the trick although I'm not sure what the performance penalty is:

mynumeric.matrix = data.matrix(

The call to converts all strings to numeric values, then data.matrix() returns the matrix changing all remaining strings to NAs.

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I'm not sure if this is what you're asking but I did

august <- FedYieldCuve['2011-08']

The unclass being the function that does what I think you want to do (remove the xts-specific attr's and only use the numbers). The rest being some sample data.

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