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The default endpoint & URL for an AWS hosted website is http://*username*.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/index.html

But I have seen some like this https://s3.amazonaws.com/username/index.html

how do you do this?

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The identifier is not a username, it is the name of the S3 bucket. –  Eric Hammond Jan 10 '12 at 4:06

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You can always access an s3 hosted resource at:

http://s3.amazonaws.com/<bucket name>/<resource key (usually a filename)>
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+1 for free-dom's answer...

...but even cooler is that you can use your own host/domain to access the content of the bucket.

Step 1. Create a bucket named, say, img.example.com, where you control the DNS for that domain.

Step 2. Add a CNAME entry in DNS that maps img.example.com to s3.amazonaws.com.

Step 3. There is no Step 3.

You can then access the files in that S3 bucket using http://img.example.com/FILENAME

This protects you in the event you want to change where your files are hosted to somewhere other than S3 (e.g., Amazon CloudFront CDN or another provider).

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