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I have built a pipeline for addins using C#. Once I build the projects, how can I update the code so that it will use the .dll files in the root directory and not in the typical add-in sub-directories?

Example - currently:

\addins\; \addins\<all the addin that i have built in sub-directories>

Ideally (respectively):

\; \addins\<all the addin that i have built in sub-directories>


_addins = new List<MyClassBase>();
String path = Environment.CurrentDirectory;

At this point the AddInStore object has been built and when I breakpoint here the AddInStore object already has the directories set:

AddInAdaptersDirName = "AddInSideAdapters"
AddInBasesDirName = "AddInViews"
AddInCacheFileName = ""
AddInsDirName = "AddIns"
ContractsDirName = "Contracts"
HostAdaptersDirName = "HostSideAdapters"
PipelineCacheFileName = ""

Is it possible to manually set this object to achieve my ideal directory and file structure for the add-ins?

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We are not allowed to change the pipeline directory structure of the following segments:

  • AddInViews
  • AddInSideAdapters
  • Contracts
  • HostSideAdapters

You should read the pipeline directory guidelines.

Note that nothing stops you from naming the assemblies with your own names. You can have hv.dll instead of HostView.dll.


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