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I am having trouble accessing Coda from command-line. I installed the "command-line coda" plug-in, verified that my installation is in the correct location, yet I still can seem to access Coda. Coda sits in my "Applications" folder which is the default location for the plug-in.

Anyone have have this problem? Any tips? On the their site it is recommended that you change the path.

export CODEPATH=/Applications/

So I included the above line in my .bash_profile which did not help.

$ Coda -v
-bash: Coda: command not found

Thanks for any direction you can provide.

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The default way to open an application on a Mac is to use open -a AppName so you should be able to change your bash profile to use that:

$ open -a Coda

I've created a bash script (as opposed to using the plugin) that Gregory Tomlinson originally posted about (it looks like he's since taken it down but it looks like the following).

Create a new file in /bin called coda:

$ cd /bin
$ sudo touch coda
$ vim coda

Hit an i to enter insert mode. Then include the following code:

#! /bin/bash
if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
    echo "Please specify a file to open or create"
    exit 0
    for ARG in $*
            touch -a $ARG && open -a Coda $ARG 
    exit 0

Save and quit (hit the esc to exit insert mode then type :w !sudo tee % >/dev/null followed by the return key, press L for load when prompted, then type :q to quit). Then give that file execute permissions:

$ chmod u+x coda

Start a new Terminal window and you should be able to use:

$ coda

Or just:

$ coda
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I really appreciate all of the detail. Thanks I will have to try this out tonight. --sorry I cant vote you up as I just recently learned of this site and dont have the reputation yet to allow it. – Thomas Jan 12 '12 at 15:35

For some strange reason, my paid registered Coda 2 app just wouldn't open for me this morning. I found this terminal command that worked for me:

open -a Coda\ 2
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I had a similar problem. After installing the plug-in, I still couldn't launch coda from the command line. I took a closer look at /user/local/bin and somehow the permissions had gotten reset so I didn't have execute permissions for /user/local/bin.

I updated my permissions with:

sudo chmod o=rx,g=rx /usr/local/bin

This solved my problem. However, Coda won't launch if the specified file does not exist, which makes it hard to create a file from the command line.

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You can also put the following in your ~/.bash_profile file:

alias coda='open -a "Coda 2"'

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