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I have some really complex ASP .NET MVC 3 page where I need to create multilevel hierarchy data.

(This data also includes download file names.)

Is there any best way to keep temp data for multiple AJAX requests in ASP .NET MVC 3 within 1 page?

Thank you!!!

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Without more details you're looking at

1) MVC Session Object - a solid solution, but keep an eye object size

2) A hidden control (e.g. textbox/textarea) - easy to implement but may not be practical depending on the structure/type of data you're dealing with

3) JQuery Cache - easy and all client side

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Ty! Also I found this opinion stackoverflow.com/questions/5181695/… –  Dimi Jan 6 '12 at 10:52

Here are a couple of options:

1- use Session storage

2- Use TempData.Peek instead. This method reads the data but does not mark it for deletion

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