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I have an Excel Spreadsheet (.xls) which i want the users to be able to download it from my webpage. Maybe a 'download' button on the page and when users click on it, the file will be downloaded.

May i know how can this be done? Code snippets and references will be appreciated.

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Why don't you just link to the file? Preferably, you should be serving it with the correct MIME type, but it should work regardless... –  Joseph Silber Jan 6 '12 at 2:31

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You can use simple html links:


<a href='/path/to/excel/file.xls' target="_blank">Download</a>


<input type="button" value="Download" onClick="window.location.href='/path/to/excel/file.xls'">
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How about just referring to the file through an anchor?

<a href="path-to-file.xls">Download</a>
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