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I really like the look/behavior of window created by MessageBox.Show. How can I create one from scratch so that I can add other stuff like a textbox?

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There's a good article here on creating your own version, which is now on CodePlex. There various customizable MessageBoxes in the Coding4Fun toolkit. If you want to do it all on your own, this guide might help as well.

share|improve this answer… (your 3rd link) matches the look the closest, and has a similar animation. However, I've had issues with it in a situation where the MessageBox could pop up more than once before the animation can complete. (say, showing a MessageBox on a Button Click, or the hardware back-button) – William Melani Jan 6 '12 at 7:45

Instead of using a MessageBox, you could try using a Popup.

But, you'll have to manually disable the contols on the screen when the popup is open (MessageBox does this automatically for you). Also, you'll have to override the back button behaviour so that back button closes the Popup if it is open. This is also automatically done by a MessageBox.

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That seems reasonable. I'll just have to put in a full-screen canvas to block interaction with the background. – Jonathan Allen Jan 6 '12 at 20:12

In Mix11, Laurent Bugnion talked about Mvvm. In hist samples, there is a sample including the implement of Custom MessageBox. u can download the sourcecode from here and check the "03 JsonDemo - WP7 DialogService " sample.

Hope this help u.

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Take a look at this custom implementation. Looks and behaves just like the out of the box MessageBox and is easy to use. I've used it in two of my phone apps.

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