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So, I've checked all the existing answers to similar questions here on stackoverflow and elsewhere, but cannot get the mail_form gem to work as advertised.

Here's the setup: I'm trying to create a simple lead capture form for my company's website. I want to email the data collected by the form to my email account without a database backend and I thought that's what mail_form would make easy.

Here is my model, ContactForm.rb:

class ContactForm < Mailform::Base
  attribute :name,     :validate => true
  attribute :email,    :validate => /\A([\w\.%\+\-]+)@([\w]{2,})\z/i
  attribute :file,     :attachment => true
  attribute :phone 
  attribute :referral
  attribute :message
  attribute :nickname, :captcha => true

  def persisted?

  def headers
      :subject => "New Lead",
      :to => "jonthewineguy@gmail.com",
      :from => %("#{name}" <#{email}>)

And here's my controller, contact_forms_controller.rb:

class ContactFormsController < ApplicationController
  def new
    @contact_form = ContactForm.new

  def create
      @contact_form = ContactForm.new(params[:contact_form])
      @contact_form.request = request
      if @contact_form.deliver
        flash.now[:notice] = 'Thank you for your interest!'
        redirect_to root_path
        render :new
    rescue ScriptError
      flash[:error] = 'Sorry, something was wrong'

And here is my view, contact_forms/new.html.erb:

<%= form_for @contact_form do |f| %>
 <div class="field">
   <%= f.label :name %>
  <%= f.text_field :name, :required => true %>(required)<br /><br><br>
 <div class="field">
  <%= f.label :email %>
  <%= f.email_field :email, :required => true %>(required)
  <br /><br><br>
  <div class="field">
  <%= f.label :phone %>
  <%= f.phone_field :phone %><br /><br><br>
  <div class="field">
  How did you hear about us?:<br /> <%= f.text_field :referral
  %><br /><br><br>
  <div class="field">
  Comments (What types of wine are you
  interested in?):<br / <%= f.text_area :message %><br /><br><br>
 <div class="field">
  Submit: <%= f.submit "Create" %>

<% end %>

I'm pretty new to rails and web programming in general, so it might well be that I am missing something REALLY basic here that isn't mentioned in any online tutorials. I've been all over the mail_form documentation and every tutorial and answer I can find and I'm still getting the error.

Oh yes! I also get the error if I try ContactForm.new in the rails console. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yes, Rails version 3.1.1

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Your model file should be named contact_form.rb, that's the rails convention. You're also mentioning an error, could you add it to your question? –  Benoit Garret Jan 6 '12 at 12:19

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you have a typo in your class definition

class ContactForm < Mailform::Base  

should be

class ContactForm < MailForm::Base

also make sure you installed mail_form added

gem "mail_form", ">= 1.3.0"

to your Gemfile and run bundle install

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If you're trying this for the first time from console, be sure to restart your rails console after installing your gem.

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