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I am using the dbus-c++ binding to create a proxy for connman's Service API which is exposed on dbus. The method found in connman's Service interface xml, looks like so:

<method name="GetProperties">
<arg type="a{sv}" direction="out"/>

The proxy file that was auto-generated using "dbusxx-xml2cpp" utility, created the method in question like so:

Line 1:    std::map< std::string, ::DBus::Variant > GetProperties()
Line 2:    {
Line 3:        ::DBus::CallMessage call;
Line 4:        call.member("GetProperties");
Line 5:        ::DBus::Message ret = invoke_method (call);
Line 6:        ::DBus::MessageIter ri = ret.reader();
Line 7:        std::map< std::string, ::DBus::Variant > argout;
Line 8:        ri >> argout;
Line 9:        return argout;
Line 10:    }

It's on Line 8, that I get the warning/error, on x86 running Ubuntu 11.04 with libdbus-c++-1-0 package(0~20110310-1ubuntu1):

process 30342: arguments to dbus_message_iter_open_container() were incorrect, assertion "(type == DBUS_TYPE_STRUCT && contained_signature == NULL) || (type == DBUS_TYPE_DICT_ENTRY && contained_signature == NULL) || (type == DBUS_TYPE_VARIANT && contained_signature != NULL) || (type == DBUS_TYPE_ARRAY && contained_signature != NULL)" failed in file dbus-message.c line 2677.
This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.
process 30342: dbus message iterator looks uninitialized or corrupted

....and lots more..... But the process DOES NOT terminate/abort here.

On meego however, running on an arm based target, the process TERMINATES after this assertion error!

The package used in meego on the arm based board is: libdbus-c++-0.5.1-4.3.armv7hl.rpm

Please help in resolving this issue. Is there another way in which the iterator can insert the DICT value - (std::map< std::string, ::DBus::Variant > ) without throwing these assertion errors?

Any help would be appreciated.

-Roy Samuel.

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It seems to be a bug in the dbus-c++ library. More information can be found here:


I suggest you to either:



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Thanks for the references. I just fixed the bug to respect spec of this method –  a_huey Feb 20 '14 at 3:46

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