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I have a ASP.NET web application, in UI layer I have a C# class (not asp.net page) where I want to use timer control to send emails when timer elapse. I will start timer in application.start() method. I want to set it in background that will continue its working in background Please suggest either it is workable solution? If not then what can be alternate solution? I have read that timer control is not possible in web application as it is stateless environment but I want to use it in C# class not in ASP.net page. Please suggest solution.


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did you solve your problem ? –  BrOSs Oct 31 '12 at 19:03

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This is working for me. Test it first to know the timer is never collected by GC on your server:


        <network defaultCredentials="false" host="mail.domain.com" password="psw" userName="user"/>


public class Global : System.Web.HttpApplication {

    Timer cron;

    protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) {
        cron = new Timer(1000 * 60 * 5);
        cron.AutoReset = true;
        cron.Elapsed += (s, a) => {
            var address = "your@email.com";
            var mail = new MailMessage("Test <test@domain.com>", address);
            mail.Subject = "Test";
            mail.Body = "Timer test at " + DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString();
            mail.IsBodyHtml = true;
            var smtp = new SmtpClient();

    protected void Application_End(object sender, EventArgs e) {

Keep in mind that this solution as well as others (thread loop, cache expiration) are hacky. Windows Task Scheduler is designed to do this kind of job.

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