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I am very new to Beanshell scripting...I have with me an existing application that uses beanshell...I want to port this app to Google App Engine.

I went to http://mybeanshell.appspot.com/static/beanshell.html where a beanshell jar file (bsh.jar) is provided...However the code for Beanshell is giving errors... The existing code refers to some classes, however even after I have added the Beanshell jar to my project in eclipse, it says that some bsh.* classes are unrecognized...

FOr your reference, some of the relevant import statements which are giving errors, are given below---

import bsh.CallStack;
import bsh.EvalError;
import bsh.Interpreter;

What have I done wrong here? Am I supposed to add the beanshell JAR- bsh.jar available at the beanshell site (beanshell.org) to my project? And along with it also add the second bsh.jar available at the other site? (http://mybeanshell.appspot.com/static/beanshell.html)

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You need to find out in which jar file the class bsh.CallStack exists and add it to your project class path. –  18bytes Jan 6 '12 at 13:08

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