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I was wandering what happens when say we type a url like httt:// How does it comes to know where to go to lookout the pages of How does all this happens?

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Have a read about DNS – Chad Jan 6 '12 at 5:21

When a user types in a web address like, or when any software other than a browser attempts to access a domain (such as an email address, the first step is for the request to go to a DNS server. DNS servers come essentially preprogrammed so your computer can locate them... the default is set by your Internet Service Provider, though some advanced users prefer to use a different service like opendns.

DNS servers essentially act much like an index of a book. They return the IP address of the web server hosting the website (or mail, or other service, etc.). These domain / IP address pairs are configured via the domain's registrar (such as, where the website owner can program in the IP address of their web server.

Hope that helps.

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