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I have some personalized files locally, which are not need to commit.

They mess up the result of executing svn status, so I want to hide them from the result of svn status.

But I still want them updated when executing svn update.

Is there any way to achieve this in Subversion?

I do not care about possible conflict and will fix them manually.

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There is no good way to have a versioned file but to ignore it on svn status/svn commit.

The best practice for such situation is to have versioned template of the file, and make a copy of it for every working copy, then modify a copy as mush as you like:

Versioned file:    config.txt.orig
Unversioned file:  config.txt

You can also add the unversioned file (config.txt) to svn:ignore, so it will not show up in the svn status.

svn propedit svn:ignore .

There is also a non-standard solution in the case you are using TortoiseSVN client -- special ignore-on-commit changelist:

More resources:

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