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I am using ruby mechanize to submit form. When I submit form results are opened in new tab.I don't how to get contents of new tab opened. Please anyone help me to get content of new tab opened using mechanize. I also did google but I didn't get much help. Please help me... Thank you

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I don't see what's special about submitting a form and being taken to a new page, whether it's in the same tab or not. A concept of a tab is typically defined by web browser (think Firefox or Chrome). If you're using Mechanize, you're not really using a web browser.

The example from Mechanize's guide explains it:

agent =
first_page = agent.get('')
google_form = page.form('f')
google_form.q = 'some search string'

Submitting a form returns a bunch of HTML, whether that is a new "page" or a new "tab"

second_page_or_tab = agent.submit(google_form)

To view the page you can pretty print:

pp second_page_or_tab
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