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My DB table has a column that can contain a very big amount of data. I do not want this data to be part of the corresponding rails object (model).

How do I tell in the model that I do not want to store this field in memory ?

Initially this comes from the fact that I have a session bigger than 4k and rails raises a ActionController::Session::CookieStore::CookieOverflow exception.

Thanks for your help, Mickael.

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You'd have to specify the columns explicitly via the find-option :select. However, storing models in the session is discouraged. How about storing just the object-id in the session, and holding the Model-Object itself in Rails.cache?

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To be clearer - storing in the session is dangerous for your data validity - models in the session are not updated when data changes in the database unless you do it manually so you will end up with all kinds of weirdness –  srboisvert May 17 '09 at 21:52
If you want a bit more about why it is a bad idea from a security point of view look here: rorsecurity.info/the-book –  srboisvert May 17 '09 at 21:57
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When loading your model you could explicitly set the columns you want to select and skip large columns:

MyModel.find(id, :select => 'column1, column2, column3')
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