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can anyone help me how to resolve the out of memory error on my asp page? im using linq to sql.. after adding data several data.. like more than 10 rows. in the grid. an out of memory error occurs.. attached herewith is my add function..

public ServiceDetail checkservicedetailid()
    string ServiceName = ViewState["Tab"].ToString();
    ServiceDetail checkservicedetailid = ServiceDetails_worker.get(a => a.ServiceName == ServiceName && a.MarginAnalysisID == checkmarginanalysisid().MarginAnalysisID).SingleOrDefault();
    return checkservicedetailid;

public IEnumerable<ServiceDetail> get(Expression<Func<ServiceDetail, Boolean>> express)    
    return ServiceDetailsDB.ServiceDetails.Where(express); 

protected void btnSaveEmptyOC_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       if (checkservicedetailid() != null)
           CashExpense tblCashExpenses = new CashExpense();
           Guid CashExpensesID = Guid.NewGuid();

           tblCashExpenses.CashExpensesID = CashExpensesID;
           tblCashExpenses.ServiceDetailsID = checkservicedetailid().ServiceDetailsID;
           tblCashExpenses.Description = txtDescriptionEmptyOC.Text;
           tblCashExpenses.Quantity = Decimal.Parse(txtQTYEmptyOC.Text);
           tblCashExpenses.UnitCost = Decimal.Parse(txtUnitCostEmptyOC.Text);
           tblCashExpenses.CreatedBy = User.Identity.Name;
           tblCashExpenses.DateCreated = DateTime.Now;
           tblCashExpenses.CashExpensesTypeID = "OTHER";

           //Clear items after saving
           txtDescriptionEmptyOC.Text = "";
           txtQTYEmptyOC.Text = "";
           txtUnitCostEmptyOC.Text = "";
           ValidationMessage.ShowValidationMessage(MessageCenter.CashExpenseMaintenace.InsertOC2, "SaveEmptyOC", this.Page);
           MyAuditProvider.Insert(this.GetType().ToString(), ViewState["MarginAnalysisID"].ToString(), MessageCenter.Mode.ADD, MessageCenter.CashExpenseMaintenace.InsertOC2, Page.Request, User);
           divOtherCost.Visible = false;
           grd_othercost.Visible = true;
           btnaddothercost.Visible = true;
           //Displays a Message on the Validation Summary (Service Id does not exist)
           ValidationMessage.ShowValidationMessage(MessageCenter.CashExpenseMaintenace.SaveServiceDetailOC, "SaveEmptyOC", this.Page);
       //Displays a Message on the Validation Summary (Error on Saving)
       ValidationMessage.ShowValidationMessage(MessageCenter.CashExpenseMaintenace.InsertOCError, "SaveEmptyOC", this.Page);

       //Rebinds the Grid
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What are you doing in checkservicedetailid()? –  TheVillageIdiot Jan 6 '12 at 6:25
also in stead of if(checkservicedetailid() != null) try var obj=checkservicedetailid(); if(obj!=null) and later replace of tblCashExpenses.ServiceDetailsID = checkservicedetailid().ServiceDetailsID; with tblCashExpenses.ServiceDetailsID = obj.ServiceDetailsID; –  TheVillageIdiot Jan 6 '12 at 6:26
Post CashExpense class properties here. –  AVD Jan 6 '12 at 6:28
@TheVillageIdiot Hi, i already added the checkservicedetailid above.. thanks –  anonymous1110 Jan 6 '12 at 6:35
@AVD CashExpense is a Data.Entity. –  anonymous1110 Jan 6 '12 at 6:47

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I'm guessing from your code here:

ServiceDetail checkservicedetailid = ServiceDetails_worker.get(
    a => a.ServiceName == ServiceName &&
         a.MarginAnalysisID == checkmarginanalysisid().MarginAnalysisID

that .get() is taking a Func<SomeType, bool>, and you are doing something like:

var row = dbCtx.SomeTable.Where(predicate);

(please correct me here if I'm incorrect)

This, however, is using LINQ-to-Objects, meaning: it is loading every row from the table to the client and testing locally. That'll hurt memory, especially if a different db-context is created for each row. Additionally, the checkmarginanalysisid() call is being executed per row, when presumably it doesn't change between rows.

You should be testing this with an Expression<Func<SomeType, bool>> which would be translated to TSQL and executed at the server. You may also need to remove untranslatable methods, i.e.

var marginAnalysisId = checkmarginanalysisid().MarginAnalysisID;
ServiceDetail checkservicedetailid = ServiceDetails_worker.get(
    a => a.ServiceName == ServiceName &&
         a.MarginAnalysisID == marginAnalysisId

where that is get(Expression<Func<SomeType, bool>>).

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hi, heres my get function public IEnumerable<ServiceDetail> get(Expression<Func<ServiceDetail, Boolean>> express) { return ServiceDetailsDB.ServiceDetails.Where(express); } –  anonymous1110 Jan 6 '12 at 7:14
so what can i do to fix this? –  anonymous1110 Jan 6 '12 at 8:22
@anonymous1110 if it is, as you suggest, an expression... then - can you do a SQL trace (or similar) and check what data is going over the wire? what the query is etc? mainly to check: where is it filtering? –  Marc Gravell Jan 6 '12 at 12:52
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I tried all of the solution given to me both by my peers as well as the solution provided here, from GC.Collect, to disposing linq datacontext after use etc. however the error keeps on occurring, i then tried to remove the update panel, Ive read a site that showed how ridiculous update panel when it comes to handling data esp when a function is done repeatedly. And poof! the memory problem is gone!

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