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I'm considering using Express framework in my next node.js project. However, a stumbling block for me is non-existence of URL generation for routes like in most other non-Sinatra based frameworks, examples- Django, Flask, Rails etc.

I tried looking for some Connect middleware to serve my task and I did find Barista, Escort, Sherpa and the likes but looking at their GitHub pages, all seem dead and in-active. So, I don't want to go for something that's not maintained anymore for obvious reasons.

My main concern here is that the project may get really large and it WILL be a pain to update URLs in every page whenever business and/or aesthetic requirements change.

Is there something that I failed to see in the docs/tests? If not, then how do I extend the routing framework in Express to do URL generation and make this wrapper available in my views as well as controller functions?

UPDATE: (22/3/2012) I found this page: which specified some routers that do URL generation and stumbled upon the escort router which can also interface with express.

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You might try Locomotive, which is built on Express.

It does much more than route generation. From the docs: "Locomotive brings additional MVC-based structure, for architecting larger applications, while leveraging the power of Express and Connect middleware."

Locomotive's router generates helpers that are automatically available to controllers and views.

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Locomotive seems pretty interesting.. thanks! :) –  Ishbir Feb 14 '12 at 14:18

Or stick with express and use the package reversable-router.

Example from the readme:

app.get('/admin/user/:id', 'admin.user.edit', function(req, res, next){

//.. and a helper in the view files:
url('admin.user.edit', {id: 2})
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FYI, the new maintained repo is here: –  mindeavor Jun 16 at 16:00

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