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My application consists of a tabbar controller with several tabs, each with a navigation controller in them. One of these nav controllers contains a table populated via a web service. I'd like to have an overlay on the table (or a different view) that says the service is not reachable if it isn't reachable. However, I only want this overlay on the table, and not on other tabs.

What is the best way to do this? My current solution is a loading view that appears for the table when it appears, or when there is a change in reachability and this loading view disappears on viewdiddissapear. I like being able to put a semi-transparent loading view on top of the table so you can see the old data I guess....

Are there better/alternate ways to do this?

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My recommendation is using an activity indicator with a transparent background. Here is a complete tutorial and sample code (from Jeff LaMarche).


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