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I am trying to access some properties programmatically in a controller of a spring mvc application. I configured it by xml. I tried both PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer and <context:property-placeholder />

I tried to use in the controller class(saw it in a working example but it was configured with @Configuration):

private Environment environment;

and afterwards i use:


but i get a null value. The entry exists in the properties file(i have only one) and also using ${...} in the xml works

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A much simpler way - use @Value to inject the system property, as follows:

private @Value("${systemPropertyFoo}") String systemPropertyFoo;

In your case (I"m assuming the variable is a system property):

private @Value("${upload.location}") String uploadLocation;

This annotation depends on the PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, so keep it in your config.

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Thank you. It works like this –  calin Jan 9 '12 at 14:19

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