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Can anyone tell me a good tutorial for Wt (c++ wedevelopement)?

I am new to wt. Is there any IDE for developing webapplication in WT, as in the case of qt such as Qt creator?

Can any one guide me for the installation of wt in ubuntu studio and compiling the program with a small example?

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Hello. Why don't you visit the official website ? It contains tutorials. Welcome into Wt by the way, it's a nice tool. – Offirmo Jan 6 '12 at 16:02
Rather a make-a-list question, isn't it? – dmckee Oct 27 '12 at 0:58

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the official website contains all the information you need.

Installation instructions for Ubuntu : or

There is no development IDE specifically made for Wt. Treat WT as a standard C++ lib and use your traditionnal C++ IDE. I would recommend Eclipse CDT.

Exemples are shipped with Wt. There is a tutorial available :

P.S. I find the tutorials quite poor. i'm thinking of writing one myself, but not now...

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Here are some Wt Articles that I found helpful as I was new to Wt too:

Also I recommend that you use the Wt forum and ask there when you start to develop your own application:

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I made some tuts for private teaching, you might find them useful, just builds a hello world app, bit by bit.

To build them read the README file in lesson one:

But the idea is you look at all the code, it's pretty short in lesson 00, and each lesson adds a little bit to the previous.

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