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I would like to translate my i18n keys on client side using Handlebars and Ruby's i18n-js gem (on a Rails 3 app). According to you, what could be a such Handlebars helper?

According the current Handlebars version, default helpers looks like:

Handlebars.registerHelper('if', function(context, options) {
  var type = toString.call(context);
  if(type === functionType) { context = context.call(this); }

  if(!context || Handlebars.Utils.isEmpty(context)) {
    return options.inverse(this);
  } else {
    return options.fn(this);

Handlebars.registerHelper('unless', function(context, options) {
  var fn = options.fn, inverse = options.inverse;
  options.fn = inverse;
  options.inverse = fn;

  return Handlebars.helpers['if'].call(this, context, options);

Handlebars.registerHelper('with', function(context, options) {
  return options.fn(context);

Handlebars.registerHelper('log', function(context) {

About i18n-js gem, it seems to be a nice combinaison. This lib is for instance used inside Ember.js (as ember-i18n). Is there already a best practice about Handlebars.js and i18n?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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I wrote a handlebars helper with i18n-js. This should suit your needs quite well: http://stackoverflow.com/a/8796912/499700

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Thanks, @poweratom! –  Zag zag.. Jan 10 '12 at 13:39

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