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A screenshot of my interface:

enter image description here

Each element of the tree is a <li> and a <a>.

Each folder is a dropzone for file-upload like the gmail upload drag-and-drop.

When I "drag enter" on a folder with a file from my machine, I add a style:

enter image description here

The code for this:

var dropZoneElement = document.getElementById($this.attr('id'));

dropZoneElement.addEventListener('dragenter', onDragEnter, false);
dropZoneElement.addEventListener('dragleave', onDragLeave, false);
dropZoneElement.addEventListener('drop', onDrop, false);

function onDragEnter(event) {

function onDragLeave(event) {...}
function onDrop(event) {...}

But the problem is that when I drag a link (<a>) on a folder (even the fake link test with no destination, see screenshot), the page add the style to upload (no upload, it's just visual):

enter image description here

  • Why?
  • Any idea to disable this?

I would like the style applies only when I drag-and-drop a file from my machine.

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Basically, you need to check the drag data item kind and verify that is indeed a file and not something else. Also, you can disable the

Have a look at the HTML5 draft describing the drag&drop process. This tutorial may also provide some help.

Finally, the following SO question should give you some concrete hints.

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