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I am using PickList of Primefaces as follows:

In xhtml ....

<p:pickList valueChangeListener="#{bean.handlePickList}" onTransfer="submit()" value="#{bean.currentField.PICK_VALUES" id="myPickVals" var="pickVals" itemLabel="#{pickVals}" itemValue="#{pickVals}"/>

In the bean ....

public class MyFields{
    public void handlePickList(ValueChangeEvent e) {
        System.out.println("in handlePickList routine of MyFields.java. ");

I am getting error ....

Property 'handlePickList' not found on type com.myproj.common.MyFields

How do I get the values picked by the user from the target list of PickList ?

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Is this a typo on your question value="#{bean.currentField.PICK_VALUES" that is missing the closing } bracket? Further, did you verify that the class MyFields is configured as a ManagedBean with the name bean? –  maple_shaft Jan 6 '12 at 12:59

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per showcase example:

The values provided to the list must be placed in primeface's DaulListModel.

In your bean:

private DualListModel<yourObjectType> listItems;

public DualListModel<yourObjectType> getListItems() {
   if(listItems == null){
    List<yourObjectType> listItemsSource = new ArrayList<yourObjectType>();
    List<yourObjectType> listItemsTarget = new ArrayList<yourObjectType>();

    ... populate the source and target accordingly ...

    listItems= new DualListModel<yourObjectType>(listItemsSource , listItemsTarget );
    return listItems;  

public void setListItems(DualListModel<yourObjectType> listItems) {  
    this.listItems = listItems;  

Place listItems into the value attribute of the jsf tag


On submit simply access the selected list items like so:


fyi, you may have to create and provide a converter for this to work with your desired object type.

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Problem is resolved after rebuilding the project from scratch –  rags Jan 16 '13 at 12:47

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