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I was just wondering if the sleep() function would have any effect on a high volume (700 - 3000 loops) mail() loop.

So maybe after every ten loops, sleep for a few seconds then do another 10, and so on...

Would that help make the loop more efficient?

Just curious guys!

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Don't use mail() for highvolume output. It's highly inefficient. Use PHPMailer or Swiftmailer instead. – Marc B Jan 6 '12 at 12:46
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I would make each email a job in a queue system like Gearman (as it has PHP bindings) instead of merely putting them in a loop. This way you avoid the PHP process timing out etc if the mail function holds things up.

In the past I have used the Linux at command (a simple queue mechanism) to achieve this with a PHP wrapper script that I wrote: PHP-at-Job-Queue-Wrapper.

I do not think that sleep() would be a good way of making this more efficient or transparent.

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Seconding this - not sure how mail() works, but connection and latency issues for sending mail show up all the time, and not having a good queue to go to would be a bad idea. – JonLim Jan 6 '12 at 16:05

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