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I have an application that has iCloud enabled in the Entitlements file, but doesn't actually make use of the feature. (Just getting my ducks in a row so I can switch on the functionality in the future.)

My application was launching fine, but yesterday it suddenly stopped launching. I was able to determine from the Console that the app was being killed due:

1/6/12 7:25:17.433 AM taskgated: killed com.xxx.xxx[pid 14991] because its use of the com.apple.developer.ubiquity-container-identifiers entitlement is not allowed

I found this strange, since my App ID and provisioning profile have been configured w/ iCloud for a long while now, and iCloud has been actively used in development versions for testing.

Anyway, to test a few unrelated features I disabled entitlements for the application, deselecting the "Enable Entitlements" checkbox in the project editor:

Entitlements Disabled

But, even after cleaning and relaunching, the application is killed in the same way. I have also tried launching with entitlements enabled, but with the iCloud Containers all deleted. No luck.

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Any news? Having this same problem... stackoverflow.com/questions/8812747/… –  SG1 Jan 11 '12 at 16:23
Unfortunately, no. I'm still completely stumped. –  Craig Otis Jan 18 '12 at 15:22

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I had the same problem, deleting the provisioning profile I created to access iCloud helped (besides of cleaning, trashing Container & derived data) - lot of trial & error.

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