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I have some python module, that I import as:

from mygraph.draw import pixel

The file structure looks like that:


and draw.py contains def pixel()

Now, I want to add another function, line(), and I want to import it as

from mygraph.draw import line

I can simply add line to draw.py. But, I would like to have line() in a separate file line.py and not mess with draw.py. But, if I place it in a separate file, it will be imported as

from mygraph.line import line

and that is not what I want...

Is it possible to "alias" somehow the line.py so it is visible in draw module, but is in separete file? I thought about adding a dummy function in draw

def line():
    return real_line.line()

but in this case I won't have a "docstring" from the original line, and I will loose some performance on calling the real line function.

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Try this in your draw.py module:

from line import line

and you should be able to invoke it as mygraph.draw.line, and import it the way you wanted.

I do this a lot in my __init__.py files: expose the primary API this way.

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+1 'the primary api' –  naxa May 27 '13 at 6:17

Structure like this will make more sense for you:


Then in draw/__init__.py you would have code like this:

from mygraph.draw.pixel import pixel, redpixel, greenpixel
from mygraph.draw.line import line, redline, greenline

And it is convenient to use your package:

from mygraph.draw import redpixel, redline

Be aware of circular imports. For example if line needs pixel to work, and you do import pixel in line.py, you cannot do import line in pixel.py, because you are running to into circular imports.

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good comment about circular imports! –  Jakub M. Jan 6 '12 at 14:01

An easy way would be to add the following lines to draw.py:

from line import line

In this case you can import line from draw.py too.

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