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The Outlook data model for Appointments includes an attribute called COMPANY. I cannot find where to enter this information anywhere. If I create a new appointment, I can enter start time, stop time, location, etc. It appears I cannot enter the data for COMPANY. Is this accurate? Why have an attribute which cannot be used? How do I use it? Surely I don't have to build a custom Outlook form, do?

Thanks, GS

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I assume you are referring to the AppointmentItem.Companies Property:

Returns or sets a String representing the names of the companies associated with the Microsoft Outlook item. This is a free-form text field. Read/write.

This field is not available in the default Appointment form. You would need to customize the existing form or design your own that includes this field.

You asked:

Why have an attribute which cannot be used?

You can use it -- see above.

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