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I am starting to play with Concordion to create some tests for a small piece of code I am developing. In the example, it states "If you use the right conventions, Concordion will automatically insert breadcrumbs for you.". But, I can not find an explicit description of these conventions.

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I posted the same question to the Concordion group on Yahoo. I'll post any answers I get here. –  abendigo May 19 '09 at 17:19

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Beside the link above, also read How are breadcrumbs determined?, the key are

  • Put the Abc.html under Abc folder
  • Add Abc's description for the real descripiton
  • Most important thing is to add related AbcTest.java in responded folder, please refer to concordion source code directly
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I asked on the Concordion group on yahoo, and was sent this link:

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