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I have some interesting problem for an hour.. In my flex project, all width and height properties returns as zero.. i tried this :

	private function onEnterFrame(e:Event):void
		trace(stage.width, parent.width, this.width, root.width);

and results :

0 0 0 0

using Flex, sdk 3.2

Anybody could help me?

Thank you..

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I think you want stage.stageWidth, and stage.stageHeight, not stage.width, and stage.height.

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OMG! how i missed this.. Thank you so much! –  Tolgahan Albayrak May 18 '09 at 1:48
haha, no prob, I made the same mistake myself the other day! –  quoo May 18 '09 at 1:49
I tried the stage.stageHeight I set it to 100 but in the trace it still gives me 950 –  Fahim Akhter Apr 6 '10 at 8:07
stage.stageHeight is a read only property, you can't set it. –  quoo Apr 6 '10 at 11:51

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