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First question:

Im wondering why an entry in facebook could be created in the future. that is very strange, in my opinion:

Exactly I am talking about this entry. Maybe a failure from facebook ?

Second question:

During this, I have got some problem to filter this out, and additional other entries (which are correct):

In an open-graph request, I can request specific fields (me/wall%fields=...) , but can I exclude some IDs ? As an example, I have a feed-wall and want to exclude one person of this. (thats not exactly what I want, but the general idea is the same)

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1) please raise a bug on - giving full repro steps about the request you made to create this post object

2) no. you can't specify IDs to exclude - you'll have to do this on your side after you've received the response.

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Thanks a lot. So I dont have to search further. Great answer. I will check my first problem directly with facebook. Thanks! – Christof Buechi Jan 6 '12 at 17:36

You will have to filter those IDs out with your code.

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