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I would like to configure the Hudson/Jenkins-Plugin for Jira to access the Jenkins-Server via Jira.

Jenkins-Server-Version     : Jenkins ver. 1.446
Jira-Version               : v4.4.4#664-r167664
Jira Hudson Plugin Version : 4.3.0

I set the

Host URL: "http://<IP of the Server>:8080/jenkins/"

and the result is

Failed to check if the API v2 plugin is installed on specified server. 
Please verify that the plugin is installed and that the JIRA server can 
access the Hudson/Jenkins Server.

I found the hint "Don't forget to install the Hudson/Jenkins plugin!". So I installed the

Jenkins JIRA plugin
This plugin integrates Jenkins to Atlassian JIRA.

but no effect, same error-message while adding Jenkins-Server to Plugin-Configuration in Jira.

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The Jenkins JIRA plugin is not the one you need to install. Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide.

Note the link to the JIRA Hudson Integration Repository, where you get the right plugins.

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You should install the API V2 plugin on hudson/jenkins. there is the address,you can download it.

in total,you should install jira plugin and API v2 plugin on hudson/jenkins,and install JIRA hudson plugin on jira.

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Having the same issue but the links are not longer valid. – javydreamercsw Oct 10 '14 at 18:48

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