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In my WPF project I am using Prism + MEF + MVVM.

In Main Window (I mean Shell.xaml) there has to be a background (image or .wmv file). But this has to be able to change any time (Changes will occurred with view changes). Some views has image, some has movie. I could use images as the background of Views in Modules. But movie files are not proper. While changing, they all start from beginning. I want it to continue if movie is same as the previous view background movie.

In Internet I couldn't found any source/problem about this.

Is there any one who could help me?

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"I want it to continue if movie is same as the previous view background movie." For this, you can track position of movie and apply when new starts. –  Code0987 Jan 7 '12 at 10:35
@Neeraj Thanks for your help, but the description for this background situation isn't like that. It has to change with view changes. –  makcura Jan 9 '12 at 9:20

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I would store the Background in the ParentViewModel, and be sure to only fire the PropertyChanged event if the value has changed.

public object WindowBackground
    get {return _windowBackground; }
        if (_windowBackground != value)
            _windowBackground = value;

You can then use something like Prism's EventAggregator to fire a BackgroundChangeEvent which the parent ViewModel can subscribe to, so all ViewModels can update the background.

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