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I have a little problem on my Xcode project (iPhone app). I just modified the rounded rect UIButton I used before to a custom one but now the hidden property isn't working anymore.

if (artwork)
    artworkImage = [artwork imageWithSize: CGSizeMake (256, 256)];
    shareButton.alpha = 1.0;
    shareButton.enabled = YES;
    //[shareButton setHidden:NO];   // Won't work, I don't know why
    shareButton.alpha = 0.0;
    shareButton.enabled = NO;
    //[shareButton setHidden:YES];   // Won't work, I don't know why

I found a workaround, using enabled property and alpha instead of hidden. But I would like to understand why the hidden property isn't working anymore.

Thanks for the answers.

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Are you trying to animate the show/hide? I believe the hidden property is not animatable. See this question. A workaround in this case is to use the alpha property use the animation callback ([UIView setAnimationDidStopSelector:]) to set the visible state after the animation has been completed.

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It's not in an animation :'( – Jocelyn Nourry Jan 6 '12 at 15:47

Try shareButton.hidden=YES;

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Already tried this, did not work better... Thanks for the reply though. – Jocelyn Nourry Jan 6 '12 at 15:48

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