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    int amountOfReservations = 0;
    NSNumber *amountOfReservationsNumber = [NSNumber numberWithInt:amountOfReservations];
    [reservationsAmount addObject:amountOfReservationsNumber];
    return self;

The Issue navigator says:

*NSNumber amountOfReservationsNumber = [NSNumber numberWithInt:amountOfReservations];
Local Declaration of 'amountOfReservations' hides instance variable

What is wrong? Help me please...

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This is what happens if you declared the variable in your header file

int amountOfReservationsNumber

and when you want to use it in your init you declare it again. You are "locally" (as in inside a method) declaring a variable that was already declared "globally" as being an int in the .h file.

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I found this in an ebook I downloaded but thank you anyway..... –  akatzbreaker Jan 16 '12 at 12:35

Your class has an instance variable called amountOfReservations. You better rename the name the variable in your init method to e.g. localAmountOfReservations.

By the way, you need to call [super init]; in your init method.

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